Irish Farm Plastics News

National Ploughing Championships 2012

A great thanks to all at the national ploughing championships 2012. It was a very successful show with just over 187,000 visitors making the trip to Wexford.

The Irish Farm Film Producers Group also exhibited to showcase what we have on offer for farmers trying to dispose of waste plastics on the farm. We have had great success over the past number of years as we continue to exceed our recycling targets and we also seek to ensure we continue to grow our coverage over the Republic of Ireland offering a cost effective and convenient solution to the problem of waste plastic materials.

As part of the show we offered a €2500 silage making prize to entrants to our free draw, we had a huge response and it was with great pleasure that the prize makes its way to Mrs Lily Stackpoole of Athea Co. Limerick pictured below.

Pictured is Lily Stackpoole and family from Athea Co. Limerick receiving the €2500 silage making prize from IFFPG Manager Liam Moloney.


President of The IFA John Bryan and Chairman Harold Kingston visit IFFPG to complete the draw for the €2500 prize.

On the third day of the national ploughing championships 2012 we were delighted to be joined by IFA president John Bryan and Chairman Harold Kingston to discuss IFFPG's role with supporting farmers across the country and Chairman Mr Harold Kingston also completed the draw on behalf of IFFPG, pictured below.

IFA Chairman Harold Kingston selecting the winner at the National Ploughing Chanpionships 2012.

 IFA President John Bryan visiting the IFFPG stand and meeting with IFFPGs Chairman Michael Slattery and Manager Liam Moloney.

 IFFPG Chairman Michael Slattery, IFA President John Bryan, IFFPG Manager Liam Moloney.