Farm Plastic Regulations

The Farm Plastic Regulations, 2001 ( are designed to promote the collection and recovery of silage plastics waste.

The Regulations require Producers (importers and manufacturers) and Suppliers (merchants and contractors) to either:

1) Directly become involved in the recovery of silage plastics from their customers, i.e. offer a Deposit and Refund Scheme
2) Participate in a government approved silage plastics recycling scheme, i.e. become members of IFFPG, or purchase silage plastics from IFFPG members.

1) Deposit and Refund Scheme

Producers and Suppliers of silage plastics that choose to comply with the Regulations by offering a Deposit and Refund Scheme must meet many onerous obligations, including:

• Ensuring that purchaser of plastic pays a refundable deposit (€254 / tonne) at time of purchase
• Collecting or arranging for the collection of waste plastics
• Registering with the Local Authority within which they supply plastic
• Providing the local authority with information relating to the supply of farm plastics and the collection / recovery of waste plastics

2) IFFPG Membership

Alternatively, Producers and Suppliers of silage plastics can meet their obligations by becoming members of IFFPG, which is the sole government approved compliance scheme.

As members, they pay an Environmental Protection Contribution, more commonly referred to as the levy, of €90 for every tonne of plastic placed on the market. This fund is then used by IFFPG to pay for the collection and recycling of silage plastics.